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G-POWER’s commitment to its customers is to work towards a smooth transition into a better energy program while providing exemplary customer service and safe reliable power. Being headquartered in Texas, we aim to assist customers with all of their energy needs while going above and beyond what other electric companies provide. We are also always trying to find ways for customers to save energy, not only to keep our rates competitive but to also be able to transition into environmentally-friendly products such as solar, battery storage, and onsite generation to offset energy costs.

Commercial Energy

Save Money While the Power is On

Unlike other electric providers, G-POWER advises you to sign the recommended length of a contract, to avoid unknown, fluctuating cost based on time of usage. We work with you to develop a strategy to avoid peak rate usage plans. We are also completely transparent on the cost associated with your bill and available to answer any questions you may have regarding your bill such as transfer of service, associated cost, and understanding your plan.

To obtain a better rate, G-Power bases each quote upon historical usage or on your unique consumption.

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